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Photos taken during Pratistha Mahotsava of Sri Viswanath Temple and New Year 2012  Celebration on 31st Dec 2011 at Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh

New Year Video/Audio Message

Recorded New Year Video Message by Swami Chidanndaji Maharaj New Year Audio Message by Swami Adwaitanandaji Maharaj New Year Audio Message by Swami Yogaswarpanandaji Maharaj New Year Audio Message by Swami Nirliptanandaji Maharaj Note:- To save the file right click on the link and Save Link As..


“Christmas Eve Programe 24th Dec 2011 Audios” “Readings, Carols, Songs & Bhajans” Krishnadas Hanuman Stuti Christmas Carols Krishnadas Omnomo Bhagabate Basudevaya Deva Deva Sivananda Krishnadas Devi Bhajan Christmas Songs Krishnadas Hare Krishna Hare Rama Meaning of Christmas Krishnadas Jesus Bhajan Spanish Carols KrishnadasHai Bhagaban Bhajan Divine Mother Krishnadas Hanuman Chalisa Christmas Carols Christmas Message Readings […]

Happy New Year 2012

Click the image to enlarge Click the image to enlarge New Year Greeting 2012 New Year Greeting 2012 EVERY DAY A BETTER PERSONALITY (Sri Swami Sivananda) The dawn of a new year has arrived; the new bud of elusive hope has blossomed again. You have woken up in the cool morning of the virgin year, […]

New Year Message – Swami Krishnananda

NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE By Swami Krishnananda The New Year is approaching, time passes. The passage which is known as temporal is also the process of the evolution of the universe. There is a progressive march of the constituent elements of things in the passage of the time process. When a particular specialised occasion arises in […]

New Year Message – Swami Chidananda

Worshipful homage to the Absolute Being, the eternal and infinite Reality that is here and now. Precisely because of Its infinitude—encompassing all things, pervading and present everywhere—and because of Its eternal nature— existing at all times—It is here, now, the unseen Reality behind the ever-changing scene, this world-play, this show. Worshipful homage to that Divine […]