Sri Swami Sivananda’s classic work, Mind, Its Mysteries & Control
may be downloaded by clicking HERE. There is no charge for the book.

Recent developments in brain technology have produced meditation
techniques that may help accelerate one’s progress in this practice.
Here’s a quote from the site dedicated to the technique:

Here Are Some Amazing Facts About Mediation, Relaxation
and Stress Reduction

1 Most Meditation Techniques take long weeks of training to learn and successfully master. Most people usually give up and do not meditate at all even after spending hundreds of dollars for their “new age” education.

People who want to reduce stress, eliminate anxiety and panic attacks find it impossible to “clear” their heads from any thought and thus fail time after time to enjoy the great benefits of meditation.

3 New technology enables anybody to meditate like a Guru without the years of training. This technology literally FORCES your mind to relax and enter the deepest states of meditation.

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