Selecting a good prenatal yoga DVD shouldn’t be a hit or miss experience. If you know the significant things you must look for when choosing the DVD for you and your unborn baby, you will not finish up with a pile of worthless DVDs.

First thing that you would wish to consider when choosing the perfect pregnancy workout is the range of poses, movements and positions that You must guarantee they are safe for you and the baby. Also, remember that as your pregnancy progresses so will the problem in moving about, much more exercising. The range of yoga poses or exercise movements you can do in your first trimester will be entirely different as you get to to your second or 3rd trimester. A good prenatal DVD should explain that clearly and have different exercises for each stage.

Moreover, a good prenatal yoga DVD should have reasons and demos of how each pose should be done so that pregnant ladies can execute it correctly. There should be examples of which poses can be done specifically for which stage of pregnancy. Better yet, there should be a pregnant girl in her acceptable trimester doing the poses and movements in each trimester.

Having a demonstration of correct respiring is also a key factor when choosing a prenatal yoga DVD. Correct respiring helps pregnant ladies stay calm and relaxed during pregnancy and as importantly while giving birth where correct breathing is vital in working with discomfort.

A good prenatal yoga DVD will also have relaxation and meditation techniques as this is also helpful for pregnant ladies in working with pain during birth. Learning relaxation and meditation techniques will help you be in larger control of your thoughts and feelings, as well as your mind and body during mood swings typically associated with pregnancy. When you are in control of your feelings and thoughts, the more special your pregnancy and birthing experience will be for you and your baby.

A word of caution though, if you have not done yoga before getting pregnant, you mustn’t just buy a prenatal yoga DVD. It’d be more safe if you join up to some yoga classes for pregnant women before going on your own so you will be acquainted with the poses and would have an instructor to consult on which poses you can do at which stage of your pregnancy.

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