Dahn Yoga is known as Dahn Hak in the Korean language which literally means the study of energy. The energy present in the body and considered to be a part of life is known as Dahn in Korean. Loosely translated, Hak refers to study or philosophy or theory. A combination of these two words refers to the study of the energy within the body to enhance well being and happiness. Though the translation of the word Dahn Hak is pretty literal, it is clear that the purpose of the science is for the improvement of the individual. The intention of the practice is to influence the energy existing within all of us and better the balance of life.

While the concept of Dahn Yoga might be something new to you, the actual practice has been around for many years and has become very popular with individuals around the world. Those who are interested in improving their personal fitness have been practicing Dahn yoga for many years and enjoying the benefits of healthier and stronger bodies, as well as sharper mental faculties. The way that Dahn yoga works is by changing the mind and body by maximizing stretching and breathing exercises that enable the body to heal itself and generate internal energy. With the concept of Dahn yoga gaining in popularity around the world, it has become a strong and popular practice for those practitioners who intend to improve their health and expand their minds. With the intense Dahn yoga training, the practitioner is focused upon generating a strong level of potential and improving their physical health as well as their mental acuity. Created by Ilchi Lee, Dahn yoga is known to be highly effective and is considered to be an extreme improvement for those individuals who wish to take part in the yoga exercises and increase their ability to create harmony and balance within themselves.

The practice gives an individual the ability to communicate to the energy existing within the body and manipulate it for the development of the mind and body. Intense training practice can also increase the health of the individual and sharpen the mental faculties. The practice compels the individual to work hard to improve the self healing capacity of the physical body and develop its energy. Thus, this aids the individual in gaining control over the life energy, referred to as ki, by Dahn Hak by a continuous process of energy regeneration.

While the general physical health of the practitioner is certainly important, and is not to be neglected, Dahn Hak yoga is more than simply a physical exercise and has more benefits than simply staying in shape. With the execution of the rigorous exercises of Dahn Hak yoga, the harmony and balance of peace in the life of the individual is also an important matter and is focused upon by the exercise as well. With this continued effort, the practitioner can increase the happy benefits of all facets of their life. Whether dealing with family, friends or their career or any other type of burden, the practice of Dahn Hak yoga can increase the balance and happiness that these individuals feel. By enjoying the release of burdensome emotions, the benefits for the Dahn Hak yoga practitioner can be quite satisfactory.

With all these positive benefits of Dahn Hak yoga, it is not hard to see that the popularity of these types of exercise continues to grow throughout the world, as more individuals commit themselves to a lifetime of improvement through Dahn Hak yoga.

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