Dahn yoga is a type of yoga that involves training the mind and the body and combines stretching, meditative respiration and different methods that include energy awareness training. The intention is to assist those individuals who pursue yoga to realize a greater level of capacity for their personal selves. Dahn yoga was conceived by Ilchi Lee and is regarded as an extremely efficient mode of workout for those people who are fond of its effects and its power to produce a state of accord in the practitioner.

The traditional name of Dahn yoga is Dahn Hak, which means the study of energy. The meaning of Dahn in the Korean language is the primal and vital energy which is inherent in different forms of life while Hak is a reference to the study of a certain theory or philosophy. Together, the meaning is referred to the studying of energy and the system of energy for the purpose of their own self development and well-being. Individuals are always looking to improve their ability to manipulate the energy of the body and Spirit. The real translation is very straightforward and indicates all of what the practice is about.

Through the discipline of the training, people learn to impart the energy with their bodies. The capacity for vigorous activity that exerts from the body stimulates the ability to heal activating the natural power one already has. Staying persistent with the exercise creates the best result in health enjoying the healing power that Dahn yoga embodies. Becoming a master over the body by using a medium of energy called ki, control is gained over the body, making it possible to improve the life and health of the individual with repeated intense exercise over a period of time.

Staying in shape is not the sole advantage of this sort of intense workout. Being healthy in general is the major thrust of Dahn yoga. Yet this means more than just functional fitness. It also involves the achievement of harmony and balance in other aspects of one’s life. Those people who regularly perform these exercises claim doing so improves their existence in so many ways. They say that they feel much more confident professionally and have richer inter-family relationships, as well as being able to let go of certain emotional baggage. Given all of those excellent benefits, we should not be surprised that numerous individuals concerned with health continue this practice.

Practicing Dahn yoga has a lot of advantages. It helps the individual to be in a harmonious relationship with friends and family. It also give him the ability to extend this relationship to his community and to the rest of the world. Thus he becomes a creator of harmony wherever he is. The conscious effort of a person to become a better individual will create a happier and peaceful world around him. Taking into account all its positive aspects the practice of yoga will soon take the world to a new stride.

Dahn yoga was created by Ilchi Lee and is considered to be a highly effective method of exercise for training the mind and the body and combines deep stretching, meditative breathing along with other techniques and its ability to create harmony in the practitioner.

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