Dahn yoga involves training the body and mind with the help of stretching exercises, meditative breathing practices and other activities that incorporate energy awareness. The main goal of Dahn yoga is to help the person to bring out high level of potential from within themselves. Dahn yoga was introduced by Ilchi Lee and it is popular as an effective way of life where the person has enormous benefits in term of boosting his abilities at the same time being harmonious

The traditional name of Dahn yoga is Dahn Hak, which means the study of energy. The meaning of Dahn in the Korean language is the primal and vital energy which is inherent in different forms of life while Hak is a reference to the study of a certain theory or philosophy. Together, the meaning is referred to the studying of energy and the system of energy for the purpose of their own self development and well-being. Individuals are always looking to improve their ability to manipulate the energy of the body and Spirit. The real translation is very straightforward and indicates all of what the practice is about.

During this sort of very intense training, people learn how to communicate via energy with the body. While the body’s energy is circulated and stimulated, its capacity for healing is brought out and its natural power is also activated. With the continuous exercise, the person can bring himself or herself to maximum health and enjoy the healing powers embodied by Dahn yoga. This lets them gain mastership of their own bodies by using the medium of energy which is known as ki. With such control over the body’s energy, it’s totally possible to enhance the life and the health of the person with repeated, intense exercise over a length of time.

Physical health is not the only benefit of this type of intense training however. The idea of helped is all encompassing in the practice of Dahn yoga. Health goes beyond simply being fit and functioning, but also touches on harmony and balance in the areas of your life which are not governed by simple fitness. Individuals who practice repeatedly report that through this effort, their lives improve in many areas, including confidence in their career, a stronger family life as well as many burdensome emotions being released. With all of these positive benefits, it is not surprising that so many individuals have taken up yoga in recent years and it continues to be extraordinarily popular with those who are interested in improving their overall health.

The intense practice of Dahn yoga allows these individuals to enjoy harmonious relationships with communities, friends, nature and family as well as extending these relationships into the rest of the world and creating harmonious relationships everywhere. This effort is essential to becoming better human beings and creates a more peaceful, happier and healthier world for the individual. Considering all of the positive aspects, it is only a matter of time before the practice of yoga takes hold around the world.

Dahn yoga was created by Ilchi Lee and is considered to be a highly effective method of exercise for training the mind and the body and combines deep stretching, meditative breathing along with other techniques and its ability to create harmony in the practitioner.

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