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Companies or organizations that are looking for the most dependable online web site hosting solution for their mission critical operations, A dedicated online web site hosting or managed online web site hosting is a form of World wide web online web site hosting, wherein the client leases the entire web hosting server that is not shared with anyone. It is more flexible as compared to shared online web site hosting. Dedicated online web site hosting will give them what they need. Dedicated online web site hosting isn’t the right solution for everyone, and does have some drawbacks, but it has many more advantages than shared online web site hosting.

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When a customer purchases shared online web site hosting they are on the same web hosting server as hundreds and sometimes thousands of other Web pages. The online web site hosting company also provides web hosting server administration in the form of add on service When looking at online web site hosting packages there are two major areas you should be concerned with managed or unmanaged online web hosts and hardware configurations. A dedicated web hosting server would offer larger return on investment and less overhead. When you start using dedicated online web site hosting your website will be the only website on that web hosting server. Dependability is the number one reason people choose to go with a dedicated online web site hosting solution.

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With an unmanaged web hosting server the customer is responsible for software, security and other maintenance. Often, dedicated online web hosts are housed in data centers similar to the HVAC systems and collocation facilities. Selecting an unmanaged web hosting server can often save you quite a bit of money over the year. You want to make sure you allow for future growth, but you don’t want to overpay for resources you are never going to use.

However unless you or someone on your staff is experienced with maintaining a web hosting server this is usually not a good idea, and will cost you and money down the line. The operating systems offered on dedicated online web hosts are determined by employee familiarity, price and availability. Dedicated online web site hosting packages allow you to have multiple Web pages on one web hosting server; at no extra charge to the customer, variations of Linux are often included.

The next thing you have to consider is hardware for the machine, what size disks you will need, how fast your processor has to be, how much bandwidth you need and so on. An additional license fees are required by Microsoft on all the products, thereby increasing the monthly expenditures of the dedicated web hosting server, which runs the Windows Operating System. When making these decisions plan for where you are today and where you plan to be in 18 to 24 months from now.

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