Yoga has existed for thousands of years and has been a widely used practice in the Eastern Hemisphere . In the past 20 years , yoga has surfaced in the Western countries and is now practiced by a lot of people , particularly in America . This article will discuss the different types of yoga. How to become an instructor via yoga teacher training and also the wide variety of yoga retreats that people are taking and enjoying.

If you visit any fitness center in America most of them offer not only yoga but typically various kinds of yoga classes. Whether it is to get in shape and weight loss or to try to find an inner spirituality, yoga has many different elements which is why it is such a widely practiced event and one that can be done for all ages .

The first type of yoga is Bikram yoga better known as hot yoga. This kind of yoga is done in a room that is usually heated between 95-102 degrees. You either hate it or love it when you have attempted it. The hot room is supposed to maek your muscles warmer which then results in greater flexibility through the various poses. Bikram yoga also results in a lot of sweating by students which is supposed to get rid of all of the toxins in the body .

The second type of yoga is Ashtanga yoga which is based on using eight limbs in many of your poses. It is a work through and completing 75 of the poses would take a person 60-90 minutes to finish .

Another type of yoga has resulted from Ashtanga in the 1990’s and that is known as Power Yoga. Power Yoga was created with the ideals of Ashtanga poses but offered in a more power and vigorous workout that was appreciated by those people that were used to fitness based classes at their gym . There is no a great deal and are different depending on what instructor you have . A lot of participants who enjoy Power yoga are wanting to improve their fitness and losing weight rather than , relaxation and flexibility.

The last type of yoga we will touch on is Vinyasa which in Sanscrit translates to breath synchronized movement. This is more about increasing your flexibility in addition to learning to relax and quiet your body and its muscles to a great relaxation state . It really promotes deep breathing and the various breathing techniques in different poses more than the poses itself .

Many yoga enthusiastics go on yoga retreats in wonderful places around the globe to learn more about the practice that they enjoy while going to a beautiful place. Others go on yoga retreats to become certified yoga instructors to go back home to teach what they have learned themselves .

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