Each one of the cards in the pack that comes with the Cosmic Ordering Chakra Clearing system expresses a range of frequencies and colours that fall within specific wavelengths of radiant information.

The chakras, specifically, intercept specific wavelengths of energy containing radiant information and bring that information down into the density of the body structure to utilize. Additionally, more refined tuning occurs at the molecular level, as genetic receptors receive information at an even greater level of vibration frequency.

Every chakra spins the spin rate of each chakra is a part of the fine-tuning of this system. The higher chakras spin faster than the lower ones. Female chakras spin differently than male chakras. Right or left-handed people have certain dominant chakras in different places.

Through ageing, illness, and absorption of negativity in your life, the chakras begin to collapse into the body and slow their rate of spinning. The ancients knew of this and designed mantras and meditation techniques to maintain the vitality and spin-rate of the chakras.

Chakra clearing system has been specifically designed for users of Cosmic Ordering. For optimum chakra activation and clearing it is recommended you listen to track two of the accompanying CD at least once a week.

Opening and activating your chakras helps kundalini energies to flow up the subtle channels to your Crown Chakra. It is important to first work on opening up your subtle channels, nadis, usually through special breath exercises. Once your channels are open, clearing the chakras will allow the energies to fully open up and charge your system. Surely the use of kundalini yoga poses will help to even boost the process, but everything has its time.

The psychophysical energy dealt with here is electrochemical and operates through the life force (prana) that moves through the body along the nadi channels. The main chakras are all connected to the main nadi.

By understanding this system, one can cultivate a higher state of being. The centres are usually described as ?wheels? and do denote action – a turning around. To the spiritually evolved manthey are vortices, whirlpools, turning around at a dizzy speed, and with the light and brilliancy of the Sun. Furthermore, their size is considerable. Originally the centres were meant to be convex in shape, but due to human degradation they have reversed themselves and have become concave.

The first step in Cosmic Ordering Chakra Clearing is to determine which chakra is out of balance, and you will see how to do this in track number two of the CD.

Think of the body like a choir. The individual members of the choir, the body’s cells, want to sing in tune and this they normally do by transmitting the correct signals to adjacent cells. If a few of the choir members start singing the wrong notes, then adjacent singers can remind them.

In some cases, the choirmaster, or brain, may need to intercede, for harmony to prevail. However, in disease, too many of the choir start singing out of tune for the situation to be contained by the other choir members or its master. Outside help is then required.

For your mind, emotions and physical body to be working together in total harmony, the chakras need to be spinning at the correct frequency.

At birth, the chakras are narrow and less than five centimeters in length. They spin evenly, brightly and in correct alignment. Physical and emotional stress and trauma diminish their intensity and distort them.

By the time one reaches adulthood, their size and shape are distorted and they usually rotate backward and unevenly. Their location is often off center and they spin too slowly, with low intensity. Their colour is often dark or gray. Those that should rotate inward may rotate outward, and vice versa. The result is toxicity, low vitality, and physical and emotional imbalances. Death occurs when they stop completely.

Causes of these distortions and imbalances include fatigue, which slows the chakras. Emotional trauma is another important cause of imbalances. Poor diet affects the chakras, as do injuries, accidents, illnesses, electromagnetic stress, geopathic stress and emotions such as fear, worry, unhappiness, anger, guilt, etc.

Chakra imbalances often begin before one is born, although babies generally have chakras that spin evenly and with great intensity.

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