yoga position is mostly viewed as a beneficial way to stay healthy while achieving spiritual actualization. There are many poses of yoga that are easy to learn and provide significant health benefits.
One needs comfortable clothing, yoga mats, and enough floor space to spread the arms and legs and perform handstands. Delving into poses of yoga can be fun and one doesn’t need to worry about slipping, falling down or making odd sounds.

The different positions of yoga

Some of the yoga positions include Sukhasana or comfortable seat, downward dog, Uttanasana or standing forward and bend positions, tree pose, cat position, child’s pose, and Savasana or corpse pose.

Sitting comfortably in a cross-legged position on the yoga mat is a Sukhasana pose. It entails grounding down your bottom, making solid contact to the floor. Lift your head straight, rest palms on your thighs, close eyes, and deeply draw in your breath. Place one hand firmly on your belly. Feel your abdomen enlarge as you inhale and compress as you exhale. Give a couple of seconds to become accustomed to the meditation and then open your eyes.

For the downward dog position, line up your hands parallel to the mat and push into the tips of your fingers to take the load off the wrists. Tuck your toes and slowly curve your knees, lifting your hips upward. As you flatten your legs and draw your heels toward the floor, ease your shoulder blades down your back, baring your soul to the floor. Continue pressing your fingers as you breathe.
From the downward dog pose, saunter your feet to the front of the mat to begin the Uttanasana yoga position. Keep your upper body bowed over your legs, and grasp onto your opposite elbows. This allows your weight to spread from your hips. Then release your hands and move up to stand, letting your head come up last.

For tree yoga position, begin by shifting your weight onto the left heel. Lift your toes and set that foot into the ground. Draw your right knee upward your chest and lay the sole of your right foot on the left inner thigh. Draw your tailbone down to keep the middle of your abdomen occupied. Then, clasp your hands into Anjali Mudra, or prayer position at your heart, and concentrate the eyes on one point.

Curve your spine in a continuous motion as you exhale, envisioning a gap between your vertebrae as you drop your head. Then tuck your tailbone and heave your navel in toward your spine to perform the cat position. This yoga position also warms up the spine so try to inhale then heave your eyes upward.

Meanwhile, the child’s pose involves sitting on your knees with your legs tucked underneath. Spread your knees wide and have your toes touching. Bend forward to rest your forehead on the floor.
In doing a Savasana yoga position, just place a blanket below your knees. Then slowly lie down and open your hands and raise them up. Allow your legs to just slump down at the sides. Bow down to the floor to cap off the yoga exercise.

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