I make no apologies for helping you gain what you want out of life. My own life was a living hell, I have been there myself. I remember waiting for my state handouts to be delivered through my letterbox by the postman, only to find the postman/woman walking on by without stopping to put my welfare cheque.

The worse thing was, it was a Saturday morning, there would be no more mail until the following Monday!

No-one can tell you that you do not deserve some extras in your life, and why shouldn’?t you have a better car, house, career, relationship, bank balance, holiday, health, education and the likes? This is what Cosmic Ordering is all about, and then thereafter you can go for the spiritual stages. You have to experience what it is like to have material pleasures to be able to see what lies beyond them. Without this experience you may always long for those material things you never had, but always coveted.

I am not advocating anything spiritual or that you follow some spiritual path. Far from it. I want you to experience the pleasures of a materialistic world, I want you to have this in abundance, as only then can you know what I am talking about now.

You have to believe to receive. Problems are a learning experience. Unless a problem occurs, you will not learn why something happens the way it does.

Problems can cause you to become active in helping others. This is how many self-help organisations first started out. Someone experienced a problem, they made it known that they would help others and then wham! A new organisation is born. People will pay a lot of money for help with problem-solving. Any company that introduces a new product will hire people to report the problems they find, and then the company refines the product until it?s right.

One important point for you to digest, is never try to cover up a problem. Admit you have problems! What’?s the point of putting on a false smile and trying to make people think you are problem-free? It will only eat you away?inside out!

When you solve a problem that most people try to avoid or can?t solve, you get recognition and their admiration.

They (problems) also give you the chance to invent new ways of doing something, new ways that will save you time and make you happier with your life.

You can have the admiration of all those people who encountered the same problems but didn?’t do anything to solve them.

You also will find that when you look at problems with a POSITIVE mind, you will accomplish more, relieve stress and succeed.

Just think of some of the everyday issues that you have tried to make better via an Order: violence, drugs, suicide, gangs, teen subcultures, home invasions, dishonesty, lawlessness, fear.

Sometimes it is the negative characteristics of your community that you want to change. Such social problems worry almost every one of us but, until now, no one knew what to do about them. Only a minority of the population participates in such things. Yet that small minority upsets almost everyone to some degree.

Social problems will not decrease by themselves. Think about how much simpler and safer your life seemed to be 10 years ago, or 20 years ago. I know from the many communiqu?s I get from my Friends that they have lost faith in what they once depended on: police, courts, tribunals, politicians and disciplinarians in the education system to act against anti-social behaviour. Education was once a free right of everyone in the UK, yet look at the debts our students carry with them through their lives, all as a direct consequence of going to university. The problems get worse. So there are far more pressing cases than just asking the Cosmos for a cash windfall. We used to trust people in our communities. Now we don?t know if we can trust our neighbours.

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