Created by Ilchi Lee, the practice of Dahn yoga has been centuries old for now. However, it is only now that people have started recognizing its true potential as a science. A new concept for some, the philosophy behind Dahn Yoga has earned it a name within individuals who want to improve their personal strength. Dahn Yoga helps to make one’s body stronger and healthier through regular and continued practice. It also brings about an improvement and enhances the internal faculties of the mind. Dahn yoga employs stretching and breathing exercises to maximize the change in the mind and body. This helps the body to heal internally as well as create sufficient energy within for existence. A popular and acclaimed concept across the world, Dahn yoga practitioners constantly strive to improve their health and multiply the agencies of the mind. High performance Dahn yoga training helps one to focus on creating a strong level of capabilities and augmenting the physical and mental activities of the body. The exercises within Dahn yoga help one to achieve sync within all the faculties in the body and create a balance. IT is popular as a practice due to its effectiveness and ability to bring about a holistic improvement.

Dahn refers to the energy contained in the body and a part of life in the Korean language. Whereas Hak, when translated from Korean draws a loose reference to study, philosophy or theory. Thus Dahn Hak when translated literally means the study of energy. However, this study is essentially connected with the aim of aiding in the development of the individual , through the manipulation of the energy that exists within each one of us. This improvement of the individual forms the basis of the practice of Dahn Hak Yoga.

The practice gives an individual the ability to communicate to the energy existing within the body and manipulate it for the development of the mind and body. Intense training practice can also increase the health of the individual and sharpen the mental faculties. The practice compels the individual to work hard to improve the self healing capacity of the physical body and develop its energy. Thus, this aids the individual in gaining control over the life energy, referred to as ki, by Dahn Hak by a continuous process of energy regeneration.

Keeping in mind the aspects of general physical health, Dahn Hak yoga not only helps in staying fit but also provides more benefits than simple physical exercises. An important aspect that Dahn Hak yoga takes care is the harmony and balance of peace in the life of the practitioner along with the execution of meticulous training exercises. Partaking in the practice on a regular basis can bring about a holistic advantage to all aspects of life. Dahn Hak yoga can also aid in increasing the happiness and balance an individual experiences while dealing with family, friends, career or any other kind of burden. Once the troubled feelings are discharged through the practice of Dahn Hak yoga, the practitioner can feel a sense of contentment and joy.

A life full of enhancement and balance is what the concept of Dahn Hak yoga preaches to an individual. This has made it a popular practice between people across the world and increased its popularity.

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