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Website hosting offers you the opportunity to put your web site online, it’s the only way you can do it. Web sites that offer free web site hosting usually aren’t really free when you consider the benefits you must give up. No matter how large or small in content your web site happens to be it has to go onto a web server. A web server is simply a larger and much more powerful computer than your own. A gaudy lacework hosting establishment should accept the needs of your action and ball game with you to support you hoard them. The best cheap online website hosting companies provides 24 hours technical support. Your online internet content simply sits on this web server for people to access and view your information. The web servers are stored within data centers, all you are simply doing is renting some space on the web server.

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Website hosting companies will look after and update all software required to maintain your site, . Most free web site hosting offers give you free space on another company’s website, but you are not getting actual domain hosting. They will also add all security patches making sure your content is safe from hackers, viruses and unwanted spam, if you run into any difficulties you will have a full technical support team to help you out. To host your own will cost too much on hardware, bandwidth and ongoing software updates. You’re getting one or a few of your web pages displayed on someone else’s domain. Once you register your domain name you have to have it hosted for the public to view your information.

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Shared online website hosting is simply a web server that has a number of differentWeb sites sitting on it simultaneously. When shopping for cheap online website hosting, be sure to compare web site hosting packages not only prices. You will be allocated a certain amount of disk space on the web server and this may allow you to have a number of Web sites hosted on the one web server. Because this is the case, they should and quote 24/7 technical support. You don’t want a company that will only talk to you during their eight to five business hours, especially if they are based in another country, in a different time zone. Shared online website hosting is a very secure service even though you could be sharing the web server with many different companies.

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