How to Tame Anxiety with the Help of Body Awareness

We often go through life lacking knowledge and understanding of our emotions, thoughts, and body. This often leads to undeveloped minds, which in turns leads to many problems, including anxiety.

Those who are seriously preoccupated with taming panic attacks and anxiety need to learn your body first and move onto understanding your mind. Most people can recognize, as they become adults when the body and mind is sexually aroused, however they fail to see when other feelings come to their attention. To help you discover stress and the like we can consider a few valuable tips.

Think back when you felt tension in your body? What happened? Did you heart beat faster? Did you feel short of breath? Did your muscles tense? How long did it last? If you can answer the questions then you have a connection with your body, however it does not decide what degree of connection you have with your soul. (NOTE: Soul is the body and facts prove this, thus I will refer often to the body as the soul)

When the body is stressed the muscles will often contract, which blocks the movement of the body, blood and the like. To help you learn how the body responds we can consider a few practices.

I want you to; if possible, lay down in a comfortable position. Lay on your back while allowing the arms and legs to stretch out. Allow the body to relax while focusing on your toes. Pay attention to how your toes feel while moving up to the feet and continuing upward over the body. Notice each response of the body as you freely roam and explore. Now, notice any tension in the body. Spot the tension and tell self that you are tense. Notice your muscles and the response. Now tell self that you are creating your own tension, which could cause you harm. Once you notice the tension acknowledge the problem. Is the problem causing the tension financial, relationship and so forth? Now, ask self what you can do to change the problem. Let your mind explore and avoid fighting the mind when stressful mentions occur.

Ok, lie flat in a comfortable area. Raise the feet until they are flat on the surface. Acknowledge the breaths you take. Now, feel the oxygen or air breathing into your mouth, nose and slowly guiding through your lungs. Next, observe your body, i.e. every inch of your body. Allow the mind to explore impulsively without worrying about focusing on a single part. Allow the mind to inform you of the primary part of the body it is focusing intensely on. Notice any sensations. Are there any differences in one part or the other of your body? Next, notice any discomfort. Try to describe what the discomfort feels like in detail. Next, allow the discomfort to do as it pleases, as well as your body. Continue the process until your body begins to take control.

Relaxing Tactic:

This is the time when you can get into observing self, body and relaxing. Take the hand of someone that you feel comfortable and safe with, and walk with this person through a beautiful sunny garden. Notice the air. Notice the surroundings, including the waterfall off to the left at a distance. As you walk notice your body and mind and how it is responding to the environment. Notice a bench in the garden in case you are tired and want to rest. Notice that the environment poses no threats to you, i.e. no harmful critters exist in the garden. The garden is perfect. As you move along walking out of the garden, notice an area where you can lay and rest for a while. Close your eyes as you find a comfortable position and then begin observing and noticing your body, starting with the feet. Continue until the body feels free to control self. You can practice these tactics as much as you like until you become acquainted with your body, which will help eliminate panic and anxiety.

Plus, you might also pay special attention to the tactics used for ages, like very simple kundalini yoga poses for example.

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