Happiness is actually found in everyone. However, as the time goes by, as a matured adult, we find it increasingly difficult to win back our happiness.

The fact is happiness has never eluded you. All along, it has been hidden deep inside you. You just failed to recognize it, that’s all.

Abraham Lincoln observed that we humans have the ability to decide how happy or how stressed, how relaxed or how troubled we want our lives to be.

Since you are reading this, your choice is already very clear. This is how we choose to be happy. You choose to be happy today!

And to aid you in your quest to acquiring your happiness, here are some simple choices which you can make to you stumbling upon happiness:

Stumbling Upon Happiness – Pick 1

Showing gratitude is an attitude. By sincerely demonstrating gratitude to the countless wonderful things in life, not only will you help yourself focus more on the positive events, which in turn make the Law of Attraction works in your favor.

Take some time every night to write down at least 10 things which you are grateful for today. Try to include different people you meet in the day and recall what they have done to help you better yourself. Do not write the same events as what you have written in the previous days.

Stumbling Upon Happiness – Pick 2

If you are addicted to news and is finding it hard to start your day without your daily dosage of news, then it is probably time to get less of it. Think of the news you read about in the newspapers or reported in the various medias today. Are the majority of them good news or bad news? The truth is 99% of what we read or see is negative news. Obviously, if you choose to stay happy, you will not want to start your day filling your mind with negativity, will you?

Stumbling Upon Happiness – Pick 3

Time management is not only useful in making you more productive in your work. It can also contribute greatly to your happiness. Unlike money, time is something that we can never earned back no matter what we do. By learning how to manage your time well, you will become more productive and accomplish more in your life. In any case, your happiness does come from your accomplishments, don’t they?

Stumbling Upon Happiness – Pick 4

Put back the long lost laughter and smile back into you. Smile to other people when you see them. Thank them with a wide smile and you will be answered back with one too.

Stumbling Upon Happiness – Pick 5

Maintain good relationships with other people. Part of your happiness comes from being able to express your feelings and affections to other people. Keep an open mind when discussing difficult issues with others and try to understand others in their viewpoint. Refrain from forcing your ideas and beliefs onto others.

To stay happy, stay in love!

What’s important is not how we choose to be happy, rather we have made the choice to be happy.

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