A yoga mat bag is needed because a yoga mat is quite notorious to handle; awkward to carry even if tightly rolled as it is slightly sticky and hence captures dust and dirt. Yoga enthusiasts can buy a yoga mat bag by ordering online and spending in the range of $25 to $70. if you find this relatively expensive, gather some basic materials and make your own yoga mat bag and customize it, as you desire. Here is how you should proceed.

Drafting and Customizing

Before beginning, measure your yoga positions mat i.e. its length and diameter. Add to this measure three inches for the seams and another three inches for the drawstring top. Thus if the yoga mat is 21 inches, the fabric needs to be 27 inches, and the strap needs to be of equal length as your yoga mat bag (27inches). Remember to select tightly woven, strong, fabric that is easy to clean, for example nylon ripstop, cotton duck, or hemp canvas.

After you have cut the bag pieces, press under the seam allowance along the top edges of the reinforcement layers. Now lay the panels (both main and side) with their right side up on a flat surface. Pin each corresponding reinforcement layer on top (right side up). To customize, quilt the layers together and use your choice design and thread colors.


Start with sewing the bottom edges of the main panels’ right sides together. Press open the seam allowances. Lengthwise fold the strap in half, right sides together. Sew the long unfolded edge. Now turn the strap right side out, press, and topstitch along the edges if desired. On the right side of one side of the panel, center the strap, and paste at the top and bottom edges. It is time to sew the side panels to the main panel (right sides together), while matching the notches. Press the seam allowances to one side, and bind all raw edges. Finally, finish the bag at the top, creating the drawstring casing.

Take an erasable marker and draw a line on the wrong side of the fabric at notch level. Right above this line, in the center of a main panel, sew a vertical buttonhole about half-inch long. Press under the seam allowance at the bags top. Then pin the pressed edge just over the drawn line such that the strap lies flat and straight. Catch all layers and stitch along the line. Parallel to this stitching, sew again at a little more than half inch above the previous stitching. The drawstring casing is complete now. Another topstitching will secure the top of your yoga asanas mat bag.

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