You see, some find the Cosmic Ordering mindset hard to pick up on. It has to do with expectation. You will know from my book ?Cosmic Ordering Guide? that I say (write) ?Always have an air of expectancy?.

We have so many Friends from normal backgrounds wishing to go on to be huge successes and to manifest a million dollars all in go ? just like that. Well, as many of you know, it just doesn?t happen like that.

What makes a successful Cosmic Orderer different from those that don?t make the grade or achieve their goals, hopes and dreams for the future?


By just changing the way you do things and without increasing your skill at a particular task you can gain far better results than the norm, just by changing the way you do them.


Yes, opportunity is all about us, we are surrounded by it ? but some of you just cannot see it. I know that might sound a little crass coming from me, after all what have I got to lose by saying that?

Right now, as you read this, the possibilities of achieving whatever you want are all around you. You are about to make that happen for yourself, right now! So stop sitting there talking about it, get up and do it.


Forget the fear of not being able to go forward, what is worse than the position you are know in. I mean, you are reading this because you want to move forward and onward to abundance. Many of you are only a few footsteps away from success, and that seems to be the point where you throw in the towel. What you are getting here is something that is impromptu, unplanned and off the cuff. Most of my regular Friends on here know this is how I work. I am at times spontaneous Let me tell you what is really critical, and that is for you to keep an open mind. The minute you shut off and become negative about it is the minute you have list a grip on the opportunity to manifest your desires.


I know many of you will have a firm belief in ?positive thinking?, but that is something that should be within you without even working at it. You have to be a positive thinker in order to make this work, that is something that should be a natural thing to happen.


Of course you have. The longed for promotion, an activity you want to be more proficient at doing, changing things that need to be changed, meeting new friends and even more ?you want these things to happen. For some you, it might be a case that you never took the chance to go ahead and do some of these things for fear that you would fault. Just think. What if you had of taken those first few steps towards your dreams and goals all of those years ago!


Right, now you have examined the past and realized that you never took the bull by the horns or maybe procrastinated over it, now you must forget all about those lot opportunities.


Within yourself you need to spot the opportunity that is suited to your skills and also look out for situations that are filled with opportunity. Yes, you have to do a little work here, it is not going to present itself to you on a silver salver. However, you have to actually make some sort of conscious effort in manifesting your desires.


Do you know, we’d all have exactly what we wanted already if we helped each other out a little more. My, my! Sounds like utopia all these people helping each other get what they want! Let me explain what I mean. A scientific study of sorts (that you may or may not already be familiar with) suggests every single person in the world, no matter where they are, what country they?re in or what language they speak, is connected and knows you through a chain of seven people.

To test this theory, they took this random solitary type guy that lives a very solitary life in the mountains of a far off country, and picked out a person from the capital city of England? the London area. In a series of only seven jumps, through research, they managed to get from this person in London, to the solitary guy living in the mountains.

Isn?t that just awesome! Do you know that it means you are only seven people away from the president of the United States, the Pop, in fact anyone you care to think of!


Don?t get me wrong, I am not saying that by telling everyone you meet your ides that it will make them happen, but it will expand the chances of using those around you in the world to help make them happen. Don?t wait for an opportunity to come to you, get out there and go for it. How do you think all of the big business people make it happen, they don?t sit at home waiting for it to come tot hem, they go out looking for it.


Don’t dream on your own, include your friends and members of your family.

Imagine this, you are lying in bed at night and looking up to your darkened ceiling. See it as the Universe, see a shining star in the center of the ceiling, this star represent you! Now see that star encircled by some blue coloured stars, these represent your friends and family. Around these are yellow coloured stars, these are the friends of your friends and family. From that circle repeat the process all over again until your ceiling is full of stars.

Each star represents an opportunity, each star represent a chance to meet, learn from and become mutual successes. I?m not saying that you should go out and hug a stranger and call them your friend, but to each one of these people you have something to offer, as they no doubt have something to offer to you. It would be nice to think that you could make friends with the whole of the world?s population, but in reality it would never happen. However, they?re ready for you to take them in whatever form you wish.

Copyright Stephen Richards

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