You can have good happen to you when using clean language. This is the best way to enhance the good that you are already experiencing.

See if you can pick out the neutrals, can you improve on them? Don?t go rushing for a pen, this is not that sort of book. I want you to have an easy time of it, as you deserve it.

When placing an Order, address the Cosmos with respect. I am not going to append this salutation before every Order within this book, but please do so with your own Order. Start something like, ?Oh, Mighty Cosmos?, or even ?Dear Cosmos?.

During the course of the Order, ensure you clearly mark out your path, as it is often a case that the Order can be misconstrued, for example ?Oh, Mighty Cosmos, I have some lovely shoes, they are nice. How I would like some more?.

Yes, you could get more?lots more! So DO mark out in a clear and concise way, how may pairs of shoes you want! Like so, ?Oh, Mighty Cosmos, I have some lovely shoes (give the size, colour, etc), they are nice. I want another pair that are, as appropriate, equally nice?. When ending your Order, always leave the Cosmos on a positive note. Something along the lines of, ?I leave you with this in peace, thank you?.

Sometimes there is a need to use a negative value in your Order. In order to take something away from you that might be causing harm, it is necessary to add a negative word that you might not wish to use. For instance, ?The stimulation I get from the ultraviolet rays from the Sun that release chemicals in me produce a natural high, but I now ask that I get an even more natural high within me without the Sun.?

The word inserted into this Order is ?without?, as it relates to getting along without the Sun. By using the phrase ?without the Sun?, it reinforces your lack of need for the Sun. So do use these negatives to your advantage and where needed, as they will actually help. You will see some of this set out in the Orders I have worked on within the book. Do try to incorporate them into your Orders. Make your Order concise and precise as possible. Don?t ramble on needlessly, this is Cosmic Ordering, not peanuts.

This is not a book of ?affirmations?, as that falls to a different discipline, although you can certainly use affirmations throughout the day, as they do reinforce certain things.

You will find the Orders do contain some affirmations: these are to reinforce the Order, but are not meant to be solely accepted as affirmations to replace those you might ordinarily use throughout the day. However, I do not use any affirmations for myself. This might surprise some of you, but I have, to some degree, transcended the need for self support in this area. I can now draw directly from the Cosmos, as I know you will eventually transcend to.

You will find the Order relating to the specific situation beneath the short write-up. As short as some of them are, that is all that is required. However, do add specifics where necessary.

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