Which do you like between a thin mat and a thick yoga mat? While there is a fairly standard set of yoga equipment, the discussion frequently centers on the kind of equipment to get. The yoga mat is a good example. When selecting a mat, a shopper will be faced with a number of decisions when it comes to density or thickness, color, or material used.

When it comes to thickness, the uninitiated yoga enthusiast will be presented with the following choices:

? 1/8-inch – 3.2 mm ( the common “standard”)
? 3/16-inch – 4.7 mm
four mm – under 3/16-inch
? 1/4-inch – 6.4 mm (commonly “double standard”)
? 5 mm – just under 1/4-inch
5/16-inch – 7.8 mm
? 3/8-inch – 9.4 mm
? 1/2-inch – 12.8 mm (extremely thick)

What’s with the wide variety? Yoga mats, like the rest, is dependent of people’s preferences. Users need to decide on cushioning, security features, portability, thickness and durability.

Some yoga mat users may experience discomfort in using the thinnest mat as it keeps the body extraordinarily near to the floor as would a normal blanket. Others could find thicker mats offering no real support by being too soft. Most yoga mat users find going for the intermediate as the best option.

The issue appears in finding what’s “intermediate” re yoga mat thickness. Makers frequently label their 1/8-inch mat as the “standard” so they can easily refer to their -inch variety as “twice the standard thickness”. On the other hand, other manufacturers also refer to their -inch thick mats as “standard”.

There might be more credence in referring to a 1/8-inch mat as the “standard” because aside from a cotton blanket you may not find a mat thinner than 1/8-inch. The base line is rarely to buy a mat based only on the manufacturer’s labeling. It is always wiser to check the mat’s thickness.

When it comes to the material that mats are made from, a good guideline is to go for those you aren’t allergic to. You need to also go for ones that make sure the mat will not slip while you are on it doing your yoga poses.

Size, naturally, is dependent on how small or large are. If you are a rugged man, you would not want a thick yoga mat in a kid’s size. As for color, mats selection so you can just pick what suits you best.

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