Wearing the correct yoga apparel will make your workout more efficient and much more enjoyable. With that in mind, when picking the clothes you will use when practicing yoga there are a few points you should consider.

1. Think comfort and range of motion. During your routine you will move your body into many stretches and positions. Your yoga apparel should allow you a full range of motion.

2. Yoga is a very good form of exercise, you will work up a sweat. Buy yoga apparel that breathes and will wick the sweat away from your body.

3. Form fitting is best. Baggy sweats will restrict your motion and they are not efficient at wicking sweat away.

4. A long-sleeve cotton shirt or a hoodie is good for wearing until you are warmed up, and then slipping into when your workout has ended.

5. Opt for seamless pants if you can, they are much more comfortable, no seams to dig into your skin. Also pick a pair with a wide waist-band.

6. Women should buy a good quality sports bra. There are also yoga tops available with a built in bra. These are a good choice as well.

Yoga is a lot of fun and will really develop your body and mind. By choosing the right yoga apparel you will increase your enjoyment and facilitate a more efficient workout which will lead to you seeing positive results earlier.

Have fun and be healthy!

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