I suffer from toenail fungus. I have it on both feet, though my right foot is more serious. You will see a bit further down, that you need to commence treatment method once the very first warning signs are identified. How I would like it if I’d done that! Mine started and stayed on the little toe on the right foot for a long time. Then I noticed that it had slowly spread for some other toes then into the other foot. I took the condition to the orthapedist from a practice that I had used for back problems. She flatly refused to prescribe a medicine for it. She said the fungal infections is a problem it is possible to endure, although the medication causes severe liver damage with critical complications. Indeed, my wife had a friend that used the medication for several months and had permanent liver damage. She received a liver transplant which had been eventually rejected and she died. That had been enough for me! I am currently trying tea tree oil, an otc treatment which has apparently shown some success.

Probably the most common problems that people encounter with fingernails and toenails is fungal nail. The earliest sign of this disorder is often a yellowing that ranges between white, yellow and brown. Although people think green nails indicates a fungal infection, it is not. Green nails develop from a particular form of bacteria. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a harmful problem if the nails are kept dry the green discoloration will improve out untreated in a matter of months.

There are a lot of treatments designed for those suffering from nail fungus. For severe cases or those get better with over the counter treatments or home cures, you’ll find prescriptions that may be distributed by your personal doctor. A lot of them are orally administered and may be a strain on some of the internal organs such as the liver and/or kidneys. In case you have medical difficulties with your liver or take certain other medications, a family doctor might be cautious about recommending medications for fungus.

There are many topical treatments applied for the issue of fungal fingernail. While experts warn that a lot of topical medications don’t go through the nail deeply enough, sometimes topical administrations might help. Try using tea tree oil using a cotton swab, with intention of dripping the oil under the nail the location where the fungus is living. Rubbing alcohol is another home cure. Some people even swear by placing the nail in yogurt using live active cultures that attack the fungus. Whatever remedy you are trying, taking precautionary actions can help you avoid the problem in the first place.
To prevent fungal nail, always wear shoes when in locker rooms like those in the club or local pool. These moist areas are excellent breeding grounds for fungus. Flip flops, waterproof sandals or water shoes areperfect. When in dry areas, opt for breathable shoe materials such as leather and wear cotton socks so feet stay exposed to air and stay and perspiration free as it can be. You should not walk without shoes even outside the house, if you spot signs of nail fungus infection get started on treatment at the earliest opportunity. The less fungus you have to deal with, the simpler it will probably be to get rid of. Left neglected, fungus could cause nail thickening, crumbling and problems.

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