Beginners Yoga – An Introduction

The whole world has been hit by the yoga craze. The various benefits of yoga are so great that the Yoga Classes are daily admitting new disciples. From weight control, to cures of various diseases, different people have different needs to learn yoga. Most people have included yoga as a way of their lifestyle. While a majority of individuals combine yoga with other exercises, there are also those who solely depend on yoga for their fitness regime. But, if you are into beginner’s yoga then there are some things that you must keep in mind.

The first and the foremost thing that a person wanting to learn yoga is to look for yoga class teaching the beginners yoga. Well looking for such a yoga class is no hurdle at all. The popularity of yoga is such that there must be a yoga class teaching beginner’s yoga in your locality too. In fact any yoga class will help you learn a beginners yoga if you are interested in it. All you have to do is simply look up the telephone directory for the nearest yoga centre. You can also check at the local fitness centers and colleges for the information about such yoga classes.

Once the yoga class is located then the next step that you should take is deciding on the type of yoga that you would like to learn. Generally your yoga teacher will help you in your choice of beginner’s yoga and may suggest you some easy yoga poses. Iyengar style of yoga is one of the most appropriate styles for beginners yoga. This style uses lots of props like the bolsters, blocks, cushions and straps which help in assisting the learner’s body to remain in equilibrium while in different poses. Iyengar style is perhaps the most practiced form of Hatha Yoga technique; hence you can easily locate a yoga class that is offering this yoga course.

Kripalu Yoga is yet another style suitable for beginner’s yoga. This yoga is described by the yoga gurus as the “meditation in motion”. The emphasis here is on a person’s emotional and mental states and it advocates a gentle, introspective and compassionate approach. This style of yoga is meant to bring mental peace and is good for relief from stress. This form of yoga was practiced by the Indian sages while they had sat for meditations for long periods of time.

But, remember whatever yoga style you choose to learn as beginner’s yoga you should do so in the guidance of a good yoga instructor only; for he is the one who will guide you and point out all your mistakes.

Before joining the yoga classes you can also go through some books to get a general idea about yoga. Some of the well written and informative beginners yoga books are “Yoga for Dummies” written by Larry Payne and Georg Feuerstein; “Yoga Journal’s Yoga Basics” written by Mara Carrico; “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga” written by Eve Adamson and Joan Budilovsky, etc.

Apart from these there are also several CDs available from where you can easily get knowledge on Beginners Yoga. For the complete information and resourses on yoga, visit our online Yoga Class web portal.

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