With the ever-increasing incidence of physical diseases like nervous system disorders, the time has come for us to handle this ourselves without chemical dependence. Are you aware that reconditioning your habitual breathing technique would not only assist in avoiding these disorders but also aid in the “reversal” of numerous such damaging conditions? Yes, it’s not only possible but a proven fact too. In fact, leading heart scientists are noting the benefits of “proper” respiration to their patients. Shocking as it is, almost no one uses the maximum capability of our respiratory organs. This is worsened by our sedentary lifestyles and tends to lead to several problems commonly called lifestyle disorders. The first question that comes to mind is – “How can I change my natural reparation process?” Well, astonishing as it may seem, it’s true. By conditioning our lungs to breathe in a particular fashion, we re-program our involuntary system to adopt this new system of breathing.

Yoga can be studied in a gym environment by a yoga (prana yoga paris) teacher, or at home from yoga manuals. No equipment is needed other than perhaps a mat to sit on. There should be lots of flat floor space to lay out on and sufficient room above your head to stretch your arms. Yoga should be performed before eating while wearing loose-fitting clothing. The health benefits of yoga are plentiful. Yoga aids in sleep and digestion. It may make people look younger. Yoga provides totally scientific techniques of getting mastery over the life force that gives life to each cell of the body and rectifies the fluctuations in the movement of these magical forces that make the various organs operate efficiently. Trying to adjust the crucial energy flow disturbances has been attempted with drugs, by acupuncturists by adjusting specific points along the center of the flow and by changing the functioning of the magnetic meridians of the body in magnet therapy. Yoga corrects the alterations in the energy flow by decreasing the activity gently.

To the untrained eye, yoga might appear to be a series of almost impossible free hand exercises performed in solace. An ideal bodyweight becomes possible when you learn to operate with deep internal rest with effortless eternal activity through out the day. Yoga can be a way of life. It is not just performing some chants or vigorous exercises. It requires a deep dedication and personal awareness to change your life style to one of stability.

Yoga improves tolerance to reduce the bronchial hyper-responsiveness. There are numerous examples of asthmatics in a group who learn to relax their bronchus during an attack of asthma without using drugs. The deep relaxation reduces the panic portion of an attack so that one can turn the mind inwards to calm their bronchus, during an attack. Yoga also benefits your energy, circulatorysystems, pain tolerance, and muscle strength. Yoga also has the potential to improve your posture.

Emotional outbursts like aggressive behavior, tension, worry etc. Stress is a mental manifestation of emotional reaction in which the person has no control over the mind in general. We can see that all these situations of life style mentioned above are due to lack of mastery over one’s cravings. Cognitive benefits of yoga come from the synchronization of the body and the mind through meditation. Many folks use yoga to release tension, increase relaxation, gain emotional balance, and enhance concentration. Yoga also prevents anxiety attacks, blood pressure, and muscle stress while improving self-esteem, joy levels, and improving your immune system. So, go grab your yoga mat and begin on the path to a healthier you.

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