Outside of those few extremely dedicated yoga practitioners, few people know that there are actually entire retreats dedicated to yoga and learning more about yourself and expanding your yoga practice. Even fewer people know that you don’t need to have dedicated your life to yoga to go to a retreat—there are retreats from beginners all the way up through masters. And most of the time, they are all in the same place.

A yoga retreat is exactly what it sounds like—an extended stay away from home where the primary focus of the stay is on increasing your yogic abilities and releasing stress while meeting those with similar interests as yourself. Yoga retreats vary in price, but you can expect to spend what you would normally on a weeklong vacation in a hotel.

Most of the time, yoga retreats have include both room and board as many focus not only on physical activities, but also on how to fuel those activities, so they tend to have very specific foods they would like you to eat during the retreat. So, the price is typically all inclusive—you pay one price and that’s all.

Where to Find Yoga Retreats

You can find yoga positions retreats just about everywhere. From the east coast to the west coast there are a plethora of retreat locations, and thus there is mostly one relatively close to you. If you’d prefer to be at a little more exotic locale, there are yoga retreat locations in the Caribbean, Virgin Islands, Europe and Asia. Keep in mind though that these locations are likely to be significantly more expensive than a domestic retreat.

As with most things, the best resource for doing research on yoga retreats will be the internet. Check out www.yogasite.com as this website has a large list of yoga retreat locations around the world, and links to other online resources for you to continue your research and find the perfect retreat.

If you are interested in yoga asanas, whether you’ve just begun or have been involved for years, a retreat is a good way to expand your knowledge and decide whether you want to pursue your yoga training. It should not be assumed that only certain fanatics go on yoga retreats, but rather realize that they are open to everyone to help those who have the desire to learn. Go ahead, enjoy yourself!

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