Four of the most popular, modernized yoga types of variations include acroyoga, naked yoga, chair yoga, and hip-hop yoga.


The physical practice that merges yoga position, acrobatics, and Thai massage, is called acroyoga. These three ancient exercises shape the groundwork of a fusion-style practice that promotes connection, trust and even good humor between partners. During acroyoga sessions, a base and a flyer are required. A base is an individual who has the most points of ground contact. This person lies on the ground with their entire back. A flyer is an individual who is lifted off the ground by the base. The flyer can move in a sequence of energetic positions and usually allows gravity to do all the work. A spotter is an individual who makes certain that the flyer lands safely in case of any slips.

For beginners trying for the first time can use a third party spotter to (and those trying out advanced poses for the first time) often use a third party spotter to secure the safety of the flyer. Acroyoga is viewed as a forerunner to more complex multi-partner yoga position routines. The components of acroyoga include a circle ceremony, an asana warm-up, inverted yoga positions, partner acrobatics, a flyer’s flight, and Thai massage.

Naked yoga

Another modern variation is naked yoga. The practice is gaining recognition, particularly in Western cultures that have more ease with social nudity. While many practice naked yoga positions at home, there are an increasing number of group classes. Nude yoga classes are already being offered in yoga studios and centers, as well as private clubs. Usually, the venue of the yoga practice sets the tone and helps establish clientele. There are varied motivations for trying nude yoga, though a common ground is developing an acceptance of the body in its most natural shape. Many nude yoga classes offered at yoga studios are inclined to be co-ed and the style of instruction may differ depending on the teacher.

Devotees find release in practicing naked in a safe and secure environment, which they claim is strictly non-sexual. There’s no malice and most people who practice naked yoga take pleasure in the freedom of movement.

Chair yoga

A gentler form of yoga is called chair yoga. A chair yoga position is practiced sitting on a chair or standing upright using a chair for support. Chair yoga classes and sessions are sometimes offered at senior retirement facilities, fitness centers, adult daycare centers, and nursing homes. Chair yoga is basically taught as a method to attain physical and mental vigor, not as a way of life. Complex exercises and movements are not offered in a chair yoga session. Chair yoga incorporates breathing techniques, proper postures, and meditations, with the aid of a chair.

Hip-hop yoga

Hip-hop yoga positions are an obvious combination of yoga, hip hop music, dance and with an emphasis on dancing. Hip-hop yoga’s philosophy covers yoga, invigorating workouts, and feel-good music, giving anybody a life-changing experience.

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