Stephen Richards says, ?Clean Language is the key to Cosmic Ordering success.?

You are reading this because you have hit a brick wall when it comes to successfully Ordering what you want from the Cosmos when using Cosmic Ordering.

You see, problems may be the Cosmos? way of trying to assist us in creating opportunities for us to grow and become better human beings. I don?t mean that some entity is watching out for us and deliberately putting obstacles in our way just so that it can show us an opportunity. Should a problem come along then it does not mean it is the end of the dream. That is what I mean by assistance; assistance in turning a problem into a profit-making opportunity in more ways than one!

This is a difficult situation, because your particular problem(s) may be hiding an opportunity that not only creates personal growth but also creates wealth and success in abundance.

Without doubt, there should be a solution to every problem. You have to look at it in an oblique sort of way, and here?s why. A problem without a solution is not a problem.

Modern-day transport has come about as a result of the problem of getting from A to B in a fast way.

Looking at it this way, a problem can actually be motivational! You might have a problem that means you join a group, with many sharing the same problem. I do not want to single out any specific group, as this would be unfair and look like I was picking on that one particular thing, but you get what I mean.

What can happen is that you will meet new friends that will bring you into a better life.

Sometimes a problem can easily be overcome, and without the need for applying Cosmic Ordering to the situation, so please think about the problem before applying yourself to making that Cosmic Connection.

Just out of interest, I am guessing that you are familiar with the principles of Cosmic Ordering, yes? However, should you have picked this book up just because of the pretty picture on the front cover, hopped on a train or plane and thought that by having this book that this is all you have to do in order to know everything there is to know about Cosmic Ordering, then you are in for a long ride!

This is not the place for me to start teaching you about making the connection. You should already be familiar with the basic ideology behind Cosmic Ordering and the naturalistic means of connecting to the Cosmos.

Sorry if this seems like I am patronising you, but I would only be antagonising my Cosmic Friends who already know about the basic principles of connecting to the Cosmos if I were to try and cover that subject again within these limited words.

Also, if you are sceptical about Cosmic Ordering, I make no apology for asking you to stop wasting your time in reading any further. I am not interested in converting non-believers, as this is not a religion or some cult that needs disingenuine followers with a half-hearted belief.

If you are a complete newcomer to Cosmic Ordering, I would also ask you to stop reading any further, as you are wasting your time, and I do not want to be blamed for that. For an in-depth coverage of Cosmic Ordering, I would suggest that you first read my book ?Cosmic Ordering Guide: Where Dreams can become Reality?. Sorry to harp on, but I really do care about you, I really want you to gain all what you can from your life, as life is so, so precious.

For those who are interested to read about yoga knowledge and kundalini yoga online, feel welcome to hop on a link.

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